Owner Services

Northcap’s team of professionals has comprehensive knowledge of property management, maintenance oversight, marketing, accounting, finance, human resources, project rehabilitations, and acquisitions. Our extensive services include the following:

Marketing and Pricing

  • Comparative Market Analysis – In order to lease your property at the highest rate possible and in the quickest period, we do a thorough survey of the market in which the property is located.
  • Innovative Marketing – Today’s competitive rental market conditions require an aggressive approach to locating and securing tenants. We create marketing plans with each individual property’s characteristics in mind. Northcap relies on traditional marketing methods as well as extensive web-based marketing strategies.


  • Maintenance Coordination – Northcap has a team specifically dedicated to coordinating the completion of maintenance work. We understand the importance of getting work done in a timely, cost effective manner to both the owner and the resident.
  • Unit Preparation – Prior to a new resident moving in, we evaluate the property and prepare it for occupancy.
  • Maintenance Requests – While a home is occupied, Northcap makes sure that all maintenance requests are attended to.
  • Vendor Compliance – Northcap has strong relationships with an extensive list of vendors that must adhere to our strict license and insurance requirements.
  • HOA Coordination – Many properties are located within a homeowner association, which oftentimes has its own vendor requirements. Northcap coordinates with the HOA to ensure that our vendors can resolve problems with your property more smoothly.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services


  • Prospective Tenants – Northcap provides tours of your home for rent and coordinates showings by other agents.
  • Tenant Screening – In order to reside in a Northcap-managed property all tenants must pass a thorough screening process that includes a review of credit, eviction and criminal history, employment, income, and rental history.
  • Lease Signing – A Northcap representative prepares a lease agreement and schedules a lease signing and orientation with your new resident.
  • New Tenant Move-In – We conduct a walk-through inspection with the new resident and coordinate the move-in with the HOA if applicable.
  • Lease Renewal – One of the primary ways to maximize cash flow from your property is to minimize time in between leases, and it’s even better when a good tenant decides to stay. Northcap does its best to provide resident satisfaction, and we begin on working on lease renewals approximately 60 days prior to current lease expirations. We work with owners to provide them an up-to-date market analysis in order to determine if increases in rent are feasible.

Accounting and Rent Collection

  • Rent Collection – Northcap demands timely rent payment and offers its residents the ability to pay their rent online.
  • Monthly Statement – Our monthly owner statements, which detail income, expenses, distributions, and current balances, can be accessed 24/7 through our internet-based owner portal.
  • International Wires – Northcap offers our clients the ability to receive money wires to international bank accounts.


  • Eviction Process – Evictions are professionally handled with court appearances when necessary.
  • HOA Violations – Although as property manager Northcap cannot fully prevent a tenant from violating HOA rules and regulations, we do assist in coordinating a resolution to any violation.
  • Lease enforcement – Lease enforcement starts with the new resident orientation during which we work with tenants to help them understand the lease and expectations. When even thorough screening policies are not able to prevent tenants who do not comply with the terms of their leases, we use all remedies at hand to encourage compliance, including eviction if necessary.


  • New client inspection – As soon as you become a client of ours, we will inspect your property in order to provide recommendations for preparing it to market it for rent.
  • Pre-lease inspection – Tenant satisfaction is the best way to convince them to renew at the end of their lease. This begins with making sure they’re satisfied with their new home at the time they move in.
  • Random interior and drive-by inspections – From time to time, and at the owner’s request, we will perform a random inspection.
  • Move-out inspection – Upon a tenant moving out, Northcap performs an inspection to determine if the former tenant damaged the property in any way. Digital photos are made available to the owner if desired.